Bronze Art Deco

1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco

1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco

1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco    1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco

Art nouveau - art deco - decoration - design - vintage. Maison neo modern specialist of the decorative arts of the twentieth century, offers a monthly selection of objects, lighting and furniture. Add us to your favorites, subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of our availability and news. Baccarat crystal glass (in the style of).

The bronze and crystal case, \Total dimensions: height 53 cm, diameter 86 cm. Various dimensions: height and diameter to the cups + cover caps 7 x 15 cm. Total weight: 10,200 kg. Bronze (and brass) bronze, polished brass (and brass), and nickel-plated iron, embellished with thick glassware (apparently) blown-molded colorless-translucent gloss, animated with facets and grooves.

Ceiling hook, polygonal upright consisting of two separate floors, light arm support, see: the base, as well as the top and bottom hanging system of the set, and six large, animated, animated shaped cups of light decorated with their bushings, see: the ends of the arms, to see on the whole: the bolts, the holes for the wire passage, as well as the six sockets. One signed: \In good condition, punctures wear scratches and small shocks usual bronze bronze iron silvering and nickel plating (not too visible, see photos), scales and égrenures usual on the edges of the decor and the points of contacts and tight glassware (not visible or not visible because under the frame, see photos), note a felony on a cup of 7 cm (not too visible, see photos), not electrified, disassembles completely.

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  1. baccarat (in the style of): 1930-40 bronze chandelier and art deco crystal <\/ li>
  2. subtype: art deco chandelier <\/ li>
  3. period: art deco <\/ li>
  4. dominant color: gold silver and colorless-translucent <\/ li>
  5. material: bronze brass iron and crystal <\/ li>
  6. type: bronze and crystal chandelier <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco    1930-40 Baccarat Chandelier Bronze And Crystal Art Deco