Bronze Art Deco

Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco

Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco

Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco    Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco

Bronze statue chiparus art deco. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find an automatic translation in French below. If you have any questions please contact us. This semi graceful nude sculpture in solid bronze.

Its soft curves and rich coloured earth tones remind us of the natural warmth and beauty of a woman. Note that his expression is very calm and that his body is very smooth. Art Deco enthusiasts will find this beautiful statue a great pleasure to post in your home or office. It really is one of the most beautiful pieces we offer. This sculpture is about 13 in height.

Free heavy marble base included. The \"lost wax\" process. Bronze sculpture is not easy to do and there is a lot of your time, difficult steps involved.

In a world of hi-tech mass production, bronze cast remains essentially the same. Each of our true bronze casts is actually an \"original\" and the following explains why. Here are the basic steps involved in creating a bronze medal sculpture using the classic \"lost wax\" process. Original model of the artist.

Silicone mold of the model. Create the lost wax mold. Grind, grater and bronze file. Assemble the parts by welding. File mounted piece and finish.

All bronze pieces are cast from a wax model regardless of the original material the model was carved. A silicone mold is made from the finished piece of the artist, and a hollow wax cast is drawn from this mold.

The wax is then repaired, re-worked and finished to the sculptor's specifications. Before creating a ceramic shell (explained below), the vents are attached to the wax pattern.

These vents are needed in difficult access areas where gas can accumulate such as the hips, neck and limbs. The vents let the gas escape when the molten bronze is poured and will prevent the air pockets from forming that explode the ceramic shell.

The ceramic shell is one of the few materials that can withstand the heat of molten metal. When the wax cast is hardened and the vents are in place, a ceramic shell is formed on the wax. This shell is made by dipping the wax in a watery solution, smeared with sand, drying and repeating the process up to 14 times. A core consisting of plaster, earth brick and water is cast inside the wax mold. Once the ceramic vat and core have been defined, the mold is triggered in an oven, the wax is melted and the ceramic shell is left intact.

This process is known in French as \"lost wax.\" Melted bronze is now spread in the cavity left by molten wax.

When the bronze medal is cooled, the shell is chipped away with a hammer and a chisel. The bronze medal must now be repaired and finished.

This step is called \"hunting\" and it is a difficult process because the metal is involved. Any imperfection such as the air pockets of the well must be brazed with bronze rod, as in welding. All cobs and seams must be removed by grinding, grating and, finally, sanding. The next step is to chase or hammer the vents of the specialide help mold.

The natural bronze medal has a matte finish. After the finishing final, a patina is applied can be left polished matte.

Chemicals, pigments, heat, safety equipment and a lot of experience are involved. In addition, since bronze comes in a variety of dalliages, the patina requires different techniques and chemicals. When shopping for bronze art, beware of terms such as \"cold cast\" or \"bronze glued.\" they are misleading the names given to plastic figurines. For credit cards or if you have any questions.

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Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco    Bronze Statue Chiparus Art Deco