Bronze Art Deco

Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick

Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick

Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick   Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick
Height / height: 28 cm / 11.02 in length / length: 19 cm / 7.48 in width / width: 5 cm / 1.97 in weight / weight: 0.5 kg / 1,102 lbs #1913. We focus our efforts in finding amazing and high quality dart objects in limited edition.

We serve a very demanding clientele, including collectors, architects, promotion and marketing groups, landscape architects, galleries, schools, charities, municipalities, restaurants of professional decorators and many others. Our decorative objects can decorate the houses from living to the garden as well as offices. These discerning customers expect our best offers from us.

Our major research focuses on the themes; acrobat, ali baba, Alsatian, amalhea, amphitrite, angel, apollon, archer, harlequin, athlete, bacchus, bather, bar, boat, bathing beauty, baby, jewelry box, tobacco box, butcher, candlestick, bottle, bust, cain, ashtray, center table, mushroom, candlestick, charleston, charlie chaplin, knight, chocolate, clown, dovecote, fighter, fruit cup, cup, cruche, cook, cook, dancer, naked dancer, half dolls, damsel, naked damsel, discobole, schoolboy, schoolboy, scot, writing, elf, inkwell, child, fencing, fairy,, farmer, party, figurine, girl, girl, flamenco, flower, fountain, football, blacksmith, franklin, fruit, boy, geisha, gentleman, gladiator, golf, golfer, golfer, groom, half doll pin cushions, pincushion, dutch, naked man, oil, icarus, drunkenness, gardener, jockey, kitchen, grand sip, justice, harvest, birth, sower , victory, vine, garden, thinker, awakening, awakening, spinning star, egg, magnifying magnifying glass, elf, sick, sleeve, make-up. Animals are also at the centre of our research; eagle, egret, animal and hunting animals, farm animals, pets, wild animals, spider, ostrich, bambi, barzoi, basset, ram, shepherd, doe, goat, bulldog, boxer, pike, bull terrier, busard, cockatoo, duck, caribou, deer, cetacean, camel, cat, horse, goat, dog, nasty dog, puppy, owl, ladybug, pig, cockerel, hummingbird, collar, dove, rooster, cougar, crab, crocodile, crustacean, dolphin, dragon, camel, wilde way, fox terrier, giraffe, frog, cheetah, heron, owl, hippopotamus, swallow, lobster, horus, insects, jaguar, labrador, rabbit, leopard, greyhound, lizard, dragonfly, hare, lion, lion, wolf, mammal, marabout, kingfisher, goose bird, bird of prey, bear, panther, peacock, butterfly, perch, parrot, pigeon, penguin, fish, foal, fox, rhinoceros, wild boar, snake, setter, monkey, bull, tiger, turtle, toucan, cow, calf, because collectors are fond of it. We are constantly looking for style objects; animal style, art-craft style, Art Deco style, art nouveau style, baroque style, chippendale style, Cubist style, empire style, Gothic style, louis xv style, louis xvi style, modern style, neoclassical style, queen anne style, regency style, rococo style, romantic style, simms sims style, traditional style, Victorian style, vintage style, advertising style, Masonic style, sexy style, erotic style, collector's style nude style The sculptors we find in our collections are: altdorp, ant-nio teixeira lopes, barbella, baste, bernini, beryman, bojiee, botero, bouvraine, bruno zack, burnett, canova, quarry, carvin, cassel, cavana, cegaro, cenzl, cesari, cesaro, chiparus, claude, clodion, coenrad, colinet, comolera, coysevox, de coux, debut, delabrierre, desmeure, drouot, ernst barriaz, fagel, felix carpenter, francois, fratin, frishmuth, gardet, gennarelli, giambologna, godard, go gregoire, guillemin, riviere guiraud, hagays, hos mia, isabelle, joan barye, johann nepomuk geiger, juan carla, jules playing, julien, juno, kowamczewski, kuchler, lafon mollo, langer, laporte, laurel, conneti, leonard, leroux, louie, loys potet, luelo, marbeck, martin van maele, mayer, maziere, mene, michelangello, milo, mme leon bertaux, moigniez, morante, moreau, myron, nick, noee, otto poerttzel, patoue, paul avril, paul ponsard, pautrot, peter breuer , peter fendi, petre, philippe, philips, hillstone, stone jules mene, stone the faguays, pitta luga, flat, potter, preifs, rauch, rige, rodin, rombaut, rubin, schmidt felling, stoly, szczeblewski, thorburn, titze, tony noel, valton, weinman, zheng. The creators we such as qual buell cartoonist for esquire magazine, al moore, alain aslan, alberto vargas, allen anderson, archie dickens, art frahm, baron von lind, bettie page, bill randall, bill ward, boris vallejo - julie bell, charles dana gibson creator of gibson girls, chris achilleos, donald l.

Rust, duane bryers, earl moran, earle k. Bergey, edward runci, enoch bolles, fritz willis, gene bilbrew, george petty, georges léonnec, gil elvgren, gino boccasile, haddon sundblom, harry ekman, henry clive, jean-gabriel domergue, joyce ballantyne, julie newmar, k-roly jzsa, knute munson k. Lili st-cyr, louis marchetti, lynn bari, margaret brundage, martha vickers, maurice pepin, paul rader, pearl frush, pierre-laurent brenot, raphael kirchner, reginald heade, renegade curd, robert skemp, roger woods, rolf armstrong, rudolph belarski, ruskin russ williams, deckard, suzanne meunier, t. Thompson, ted withers, vaughan alden bass, walter baumhofer, zo-mozert, are decisive in our choices.

We find in our collections famous models like; andré de dienes, anita ekberg, anne baxter, august belloc, ava gardner, betty boop, betty grable, carole landis, christy girl, deanna durbin, diana dors, donna reed, dorothy lamour, dorothy malone, dusty anderson, elizabeth montgomery, esther williams, gene tierney, gibson girl, gloria dehaven, hedy lamarr, jane russell, jayne mansfield, jeanne crain, jessica rabbit, jules cherret, lana , marguerite chapman, marilyn monroe, fictional pin-up, rita hayworth, sally jupiter, susan hayward, tomley, veronica lake, virginia mayo, vivian blaine, carlo yvonne. Demanding customers expect our best deals from us. English we are focusing our efforts in the search for astonishing and high quality art objects in limited edition. We serve a very demanding clientele, including collectors, architects, promotion and marketing groups, landscape architects, schools, charities, municipalities, professional decorators and many more. Our decorative objects can decorate the houses of the living in the garden as well as the offices.

These demanding customers expect our best offers from us. The main things we are looking for are; solid bronze mounted on a base of natural stone or black marble, copper, cast iron, steel, porcelain, ceramic, enamels, cracked, slip, pottery, terracotta in perfect condition to offer as a gift.

Our major research focuses on the themes; acrobat, alsatian, amalthea, apollo, harlequin, bather, boat, baby, jewelry box, tobacco box, butcher, candle holder, bottle, bust, ashtray, table center, mushroom, candlestick, knight, columbine, fruit bowl, cup, jug, cook, nude dancer, damsel, naked lady, under-plate, devil, diane huntress, schoolboy, schoolgirl, scottish, clip board, ink, child, fencing, farmer, party, girl, flower, fountain, soccer, blacksmith, fruitman, , oil, icarus, drunkenness, gardener, kitchen, big sip, harvest, birth, victory, vine, garden, thinker, awakening, shooting star, the egg, magnifying glass, goblin, sick, sleeve, makeup. Animals are also at the center of our research; eagle, egret, animal and hunting animals, farm animals, domestic animals, wild animals, spider, ostrich, ram, shepherd, doe, goat, bulldog, pike, harrier, cockatoo, duck, cetacean, camel, cat, horse, dog, nasty dog, puppy, ladybug, pig, hummingbird, necklace, dove, rooster, crab, crustacean, swan, dolphin, elephant, snail, etruscan, pheasant, warbler, giraffe, frog owl, hippo, swallow, lobster, falcon, insects, rabbit, leopard, , mammal, martin sinner, goose, bird, bird of prey, bear, peacock, butterfly, perch, parrot, penguin, fish, foal, wild boar, snake, monkey, bull, tiger, tortoise, cow, calf, because collectors are background of it. We are constantly looking for style objects; animal style, art and craft style, art deco style, art nouveau style, baroque style, chippendale style, cubist style, empire style, gothic style, louis xv style, louis xvi style, modern style, neoclassic style, queen anne style, regency style, rococo style, romantic style, simms style sims, traditional style, victorian style, vintage style, advertising style, masonic style, sexy style, queen anne , authentic style, handmade style artwork. The sculptors we find in our collections these demanding customers expect us to be our best offer.

Italian stiamo concentrando i nostri sforzi nella ricerca di oggetti d'arte sorprendenti e di alta qualità in edizione limitata. I nostri oggetti decorativi possono decorare l case dei viventi nel giardino cosa come gli uffici.

Questi clienti esigenti si aspettano le nostre migliori offered da noi. La cose principali che stiamo cercando sono; bronzo massiccio montato su una base di pietra naturale o marmo nero, rame, ghisa, acciaio, metallo, porcellana, ceramica, smalti, incrinato, biscotto, ceramiche, terracotta in perfette condizioni da offrire come regalo. The main nostra ricerca if concentrated sui temi; acrobat, alsaziano, anfitrite, angel, arlecchino, atleta, bacco, bagnante, barca, bellezza balneare, scatola di monili, scatola di tabacco, macellaio, portacandele, bottiglia, busto, posacenere, fungo, candeliere, pin up, rider, cioccolato, fighter, ciotola di frutta, tazza, brocca, cuoco, ballerino, ballerina nuda, mezze bambole, damigella, donna nuda, sotto-piatto, diavolo, diane cacciatrice, scolaro, studentessa, elfo, inchiostro, bambino, scherma, fata, contadino, partito, ragazza, fiore, font , uomo di frutta, ragazzo, gentiluomo, gladiatore, golfista, sposo, mezza bambola pin cuscini, puntaspilli, olandese, uomo nudo, olio, icaro, ubriachezza, giardiniere, fantino, cucina, giustizia, nascita, sower, vittoria, fast, giardino, pensatore, risveglio, ingrandimento ingrandimento vetro, malati. Gli animali sono anche al centro della nostra ricerca; aquila, animali da caccia, animali da fattoria, animali domestici, animali selvatici, ragno, struzzo, pastore, capra, cacatua, anatra, caribù, cervo, cetaceo, gatto, cavallo, cane, cane nasty, cucciolo, coccinella, maiale, colibr, collana, colomba coccodrillo, crostaceo, cigno, delfino, drago, cammello, elefante, lumaca, fagiano, fulvo, falco, padovana, giraffa, ghepardo, airone, gufo, ippopotamo, rondine, aragosta, insetti, giaguaro, coniglio, leopardo, levriero, lucertola, dragon , leonessa, lupo, mammifero, martin peccatore, oca, uccello, raptor, orso, pantera, pavone, farfalla, persico, pappagallo, piccione, pinguino, pesce, puledro, volpe, rinoceronte, cinghiale, serpentine, scimmia, toro, tartaruga, tucano, mucca, vitello, perched animal stile, stile arte e artigianato, stile art deco, stile art nouveau, stile barocco, stile chippendale, stile cubista, stile impero, stile gotico, stile luigi xv, stile luigi xvi, stile , stile queen anne, stile regency, stile rococ, romantico stile, sims stile simms, stile tradizionale, stile vittoriano, stile vintage, stile pubblicitario, stile massonico, stile sexy, stile erotico, stile collezionista stile nudo e nudo stdo stile mitologico, stile auten, stile pubblicitario, stile massonico, stile sexy, stile erotico, stile collezionista stile nudo e nudo stdo stile mitologico, stile auten, Gli scultori che troviamo nelle nostre collezioni sono. Creatori come noi come al buell disegnatore per la rivista esquire, collezionisti, gruppi di promozione e marketing, architetti del paesaggio, gallery, scuole, enti di beneficenza, comuni, ristoranti e decoratori professionali e molti altri.

Spanish estamos concentrando nuestros esfuerzos en la bàsqueda de objetos de arte asombrosos y de alta calidad en edicion limitada. Nuestros objetos decorativos pueden adornar las casas de la vida en el jardon aso como las oficinas. Estos clientes require esperan nuestras mejores ofertas de nosotros. Las main cosas que estamos buscando son; el bronce selido montà en una base de la piedra natural o del màrmol negro, arrabio, acero, porcelana, de cer-mica, esmaltes, agrietado, resbalon, galleta, cer-mica, terracota en la condicion perfecta para ofrecer como regalo. Nuestra investigacion principal se centra en los temas; acr-caba, alsaciano, amaltea, apolo, archero, arlequon, baco, baeista, barco, bao belleza, caja de joyeràa, caja del tabaco, carnicero, sostenedor de vela, botella, cenicero, centro de tabla, seta, candelero, chocolate, payaso, columbina, combatiente, tazon de fuente de fruta, taza, jarro, cocinero, bailaron, bailaron desnudo, mitad-muecas, damisela, seora desnuda, debajo de la placa, diablo, diana cazadora, disc-bolo, colegial, colegiala, colegiala, esco , tinta, nio, cercando, hada,, granjero, partido, estatuilla, muchacha, flor, fuente, fetbol, balompie, herrero, frutal, muchacho, caballero, gladiador, novio, medio perno de la mueca cojines, alfiletero, holandés, hombre desnudo, petreeo, embriaguez, jardinero, cocina, justicia, cosecha, nacimiento, el sembrador, victoria, vid, pensador, estrella fugaz, el huevo, lupa de aumento, duseha, mangamo, Los animal también eston en el centro de nuestra investigacion; oguila, garceta, animal y caza animals, granja animals, animal domésticos, animal salvajes, araa, avestruz, borzoi, cacataa, carizo, ciervo, cetao, camello, gato, caballo, cabra, perro, perro desagradable, cachorro, b-ho, mariquita, cer, spaniel, hummingbird, collar, cangrejo, cocodrilo, crustaceo, dellon, dredge, faison, leonado, halcon, curruca, zorro, jirafa, rana, cheetah, buho, tragar, langosta, insectos, conejo, galgo, lagarto, liebres, leon, leona, lobo, mafero, , martin pecador, ganso, ave, ave de rapia, oso, pavo real, mariposa, perca, loro, paloma, pingonino, pez, potro, jabal, serpiente, mono, tortuga, tucon, vaca, becerro, porque a los coleccionistas les gusta.

Estamos constantly buscando objetos de estilo; estilo animal, estilo del arte y del arte, estilo del art deco, estilo del new del arte, estilo barroco, estilo chippendale, estilo cubista, estilo del imperio, estilo gàtico, estilo de louis xv, estilo de louis xvi, estilo neoclsico, estilo de la reina ana, estilo de la regencia, estilo de rococo, estilo romo, estilo de simms sims, estilo , estilo publicitario, estilo mas-nico, estilo sexy, estilo er-tico, estilo coleccionista estilo desnudo y estilo mitol-gico desnudo, estilo auténtico, obras de arte de estilo artesanal. German wir konzentrieren uns auf die suche nach erstaunlichen und qualitativ hochwertigen kunstgegenst-nden in limitierter auflage. Unsere dekorativen gegenst-nde kànnen die h-user der lebenden im garten sowie die bàros verzieren.

Diese anspruchsvollen kunden erwarten von unsere besten angebote. Die wichtigsten dinge, die wir suchen, sind; solid bronze montiert auf einer basis aus naturstein oder schwarzem marmor, kupfer, gusseisen, stahl, metall, porzellan, emaille, rissig, keks, keramik, terrakotta in perfektem zustand als geschenk zu bieten. Wir sind stundig auf der suche nach stilobjekten; thirdtil, art- craft-stil, art-deco-stil, jugendstil, barockstil, chippendale stil, stil im empire stil, gothic stil, louis xv stil, louis xvi stil, moderner stil, neoklassischer stil, queen anne stil, regency stil, rokoko stil, romantischer stil, simms stil sims, traditioneller stil, viktorianischen stil, vintage-stil, werbe-stil, masonic stil, sexy stil, erotischen stil, sammler-stil nude-stil und nude mythologischen stil, authentischen stil, hand. Die bildhauer, die wir in unseren sammlungen finden, sind: wir servieren eine sehr anspruchsvolle kundschaft, einschlie-lich sammler, architekten, promotion-und marketing-gruppen, landschaftsarchitekten, galerien, schulen, wohlt-tigkeitsorganisationen, gemeinden, restaurants und Portuguais estamos concentrando nossos esforços na busca de objetos de arte surpreendentes e de alta qualidade em ediço limitada.

Nossos objetos decorativos podem decorar as casas dos vivos no jardim, bem como os escritàrios. Estes clients require esperam nossas melhores ofertas de nes. A nossa principal pesquisa incide sobre os temas, da alsacia, banhista, banho beleza, caixa de jeia, caixa do tabaco, carniceiro, suporte de vela, frasco, busto, caim, cinzeiro, centro de tabela, cogumelo, castiçal,, cavaleiro, palhaço, lutador, bacia de fruta, copo, romeo and juliet, cozinhe, dançarino nu, meia-bonecas, donzela, senhora nua, sub-flat, diabo, diane caçadora, descobole, estudante, escocê, clip board , fada,, agricultor, menina, futebol, ferreiro, homem da fruta, menino, gueixa, cavalheiro, gladiador, gulf jogador, noivo, meio pino da boneca almofadas, alfineteiro, homem despido, 'leo, jardineiro, jequei, cozinha, gole grande, justiça, colheita, nascimento, vitia, videira, jardim, despertar, estrela cadente, oovo, lupa, doente.

Os animais também esto no centro de nossa pesquisa; oguia, garça, animal e animais de caça, animais de fazenda, animais domésticos, animais selvagens, aranha, carneiro, pastor, pugilista, pique, pato, caribu, veado, cetacos, camelo, cavalo, ceo, ceo desagradevel, filhote de cachorro, joan, porco, colar, pomba, galo, caranguejo, crocodilo, cisne, golfinho, drago, camelo, caracol, etrusco, faiso, fawn, rouxinol, raposa, ras, chita, garça-real, coruja, hipop-tamo, andinhaor, lagosta, falcoo, insetos, coelho, , leoa, mamafero,, pàssaro, ave de rapina, urso, pavo, borboleta, poleiro, papagaio, pombo, pinguim, peixe, javali, cobra, macaco, touro, tucano, bezerro, porque colecionadores gostam dele. Estamos constantly procured de objetos de estilo; estilo animal, estilo art - craft, estilo art deco, estilo art nouveau, estilo de stripper, estilo império, estilo lus xv, estilo lus xvi, estilo moderno, estilo neoclssico, estilo queen anne, estilo regência, estilo roco, estilo romântico, estilo do victorian, estilo do vintage, estilo anunciando, estilo maçônico, estilo nudeilo do coletor estilo e estilo mitol-gico nude, estilo autêntico, arte-handmade Os escultores que encontramos em nossas coleçes: so decisivos nas nossas escolhas. Encontramos em nossas coleçaes modelos famosos como; atendemos uma clientela muito demande, incluindo coleccionadores, arquitectos, grupos de promoço e marketing, arquitectos paisagistas, galerias, escolas, caridade instituiçes, munic-pios, restaurantes e decoradores profissionais e muitos mais. Estes clients require esperam que sejamos os melhores. The item \"bougeoir art deco style art nouveau style solid bronze\" is on sale since Monday, March 8, 2021.

It is in the category \"art, antiques,furniture, decoration of the xxe art deco and decorative objects\". The seller is \"bronze-attitude\" and is located in 59460. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. type: candlestick
  2. material: solid bronze
  3. style: art deco style art nouveau style
  4. state: in perfect condition
  5. original/reproduction: unknown
  6. use: decoration
  7. date: unknown
  8. culture: 0
  9. size: 0
  10. size (cm): high 28, long 19, lar 5.
  11. (cm): 28
  12. largeur (cm): 5
  13. weight (kg): 0.5

Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick   Massive Art Deco Style Art Nouveau Style Candlestick