Bronze Art Deco


  • Naked Woman Bronze Sculpture Ancient Art Deco Signed Sylvestre Susse Foundry
  • S. Schwatenberg 1898-1922 Athlete Art Deco Sword Bronze Nude Man Antique
  • Old Sculpture Of Free Form In Gilt Bronze Philippe Cheverny
  • Ancient Statue In Bronze Period Art Deco The Dancer On Base Marble
  • Antiques Roadshow Visits Blackpool Tower Antique Bronze Part 1 Of 2
  • Bronze Sculpture Art Deco 1930 G. Vacossin Woman Chryselephantine Antique 30s
  • Old Bronze Sculpture Young Woman Signed Aurore Onu Period Art Deco 1925
  • Ancient Bronze Indochinese Woman Art Deco School Of Fine Arts C. 1910-1930
  • Old Bronze Sculpture By Jarc
  • Ancient Sculpture Art Deco Bronze Elephant Stylized Tripode