Bronze Art Deco

Type > Sculpture

  • Pair Of Bookends With Silver Geese-bronzes Signed G. H. Laurent-art Deco
  • Ancient Bronze Animal Cat Subject Sitting Near A Mascot Mouse
  • Bronze Art Deco By Etienne Forestier
  • Art Deco Bronze Dancer 1930
  • Woman Bronze Art Deco Old
  • Chryselephantine Art Deco 1930 Limousin Sculpture Regulates Patina Bronze Marble
  • Bronze Green Greyhound Dog 1930 Unsigned Art Deco Dog Greyhound
  • Old Bronze Sculpture Young Woman Signed Aurore Onu Period Art Deco 1925
  • Beautiful Bronze And Marble Sculpture Art Deco The Gladiator Sign Secondo
  • Dancer Nude Bronze Patina Green By Calot Epoque 1930 Art Deco
  • 1930 Art Deco Bronze Sculpture By Georges Coste